Human Capital Multidisciplinary Research Center

3. Employment and Development of Skills and Competencies

3.1 Skills and Competencies: Returns, Formation, Assessment tools

The program aims to measure key skills and competencies, study mechanisms and factors of their formation, analyze the role of various agents in the formation and development of key competencies of the adult population and develop a comprehensive multidisciplinary theoretical model of the content, channels of skills formation and effects of human capital.

Research projects

3.1.1 Measuring Key Skills and Competencies

3.1.2 Mechanisms and Factors of Key Skills and Competencies Development

3.1.3 Human Potential: Effects and Returns from Education

3.1.4 Adult Education

3.1.5 Science and Technology Policy and its Impact on Human Capital Development in Russian Regions

3.1.6 Strategies of Education Development in Socio-cultural Perspective, Model of Evidence-based Education Policy and Compliance of Educational Parameters with of Russia's Development Characteristics

3.2 Labor Market: Changes in Demand in Professional Structure and System of Skills and Wages

The program aims to analyze the Russian economy's supply and demand for human capital.

Research projects

3.3 Human Being in the Creative Economy

3.4 Multilingual and Intercultural Creative Learning

The program aims to develop scientific-methodological foundations and didactic means of forming students' system adaptation in the modern world.

Research projects