Human Capital Multidisciplinary Research Center

Research Digest, 2024

A. Bojechkova (3/2024). Digest #32 Innovative Potential of Russian Regions (RU). Research project Analyzing the Impact of Human Capital on the Technological Development and Economic Growth of the Russian Federation. Project supervisor: Olga Voron. Editor: Marina Kucherenko.

Under the influence of external factors, such as the global financial crisis, sanctions and structural transformation, that have caused a slowdown in the Russian economy, experts stress the importance of transitioning from an economic growth model to an innovative development model in Russia. In this issue of research digest, the author identifies the significance of assessing the innovative potential of Russian regions in the context of this economic transition by means of economic and mathematical methods.

The new issue of research digest not only provides a general assessment of the innovative potential of Russian regions, but also identifies the leading regions, as well as key factors of technological efficiency in some Russian regions. In addition, the author proposes recommendations to update the importance of public and private investment in education, research and development and innovative infrastructure.

E. Antonov, A. Sheludkov (2/2024). Digest #31 Labor Market of Russian Regions and Municipalities in the Crisis Periods of 2020–2022 (RU). Research project Instruments for the formation of scientifically informed spatial policy at the intra-regional level, based on detailed spatial data.  Project supervisor: Olga Voron. Editor: Marina Kucherenko.

Despite the fact that the problem of territorial inequality remains of great importance to Russia, at the moment the dynamics of this phenomenon is still unclear. In this new issue of research digest, the authors (Alexander Sheludkov, Evgeny Antonov) make their own attempt to measure territorial inequality at the regional and sub-regional (municipal) levels through an analysis of the Russian labor market in the period from 2020 to 2022.

By means of such indicators as the number of people employed and their wages, the authors analyze the main trends in the Russian labor market at the regional and municipal levels. They also take into account internal and external factors that influence the situation.


V. Vinogradova, A. Sheludkov (1/2024). Digest #30 Natural and Climatic Living Conditions for the Russian Population in the Early and Mid-21st Century (RU). Research project The Relationship between the Spatial Differentiation of Human Potential and the Resilience of Territories in the Context of Socio-Economic and Natural Factors. Project supervisor: Olga Voron. Editor: Olga Voron, Marina Kucherenko. 

According to all of the existing scenarios for the development of natural living conditions in different parts of Russia in the 21st century, experts note the there is an increase in climatic features typical of the northern and southern regions. They also claim that climatic and demographic trends contribute to the concentration of citizens in particular areas.  

In this research digest, experts present their assessment of the current and future natural and climatic living environment in Russia from the beginning to the middle of the 21st century, based on available demographic statistics and developed climate change scenarios and models.