Human Capital Multidisciplinary Research Center

2. Demography and Active Ageing

2.2 Contemporary Global Health and Life Expectancy Challenges

The program aims to analyze life expectancy and study the health of the population in Russia.

Research projects

2.2.1 The New Global Challenges to Health and Life Expectancy

2.2.2 Life Expectancy and Health in Russia: State, Challenges and Perspectives

2.3 Social and Human capital of the Older Generation

The program aims to study the social and human capital of the older generation.

Research projects

2.3.1 Social and Human Capital of the Older Generation

2.3.2 Institutions as Factors of Accumulation and Preservation of Human Capital: Contemporary and Historical Evidence

2.4 Migration Flows and Strategic Directions of Russia's Migration Policy

The program aims to study migration as a factor of human capital accumulation in Russia.

Research Projects

2.4.1 Migration as a Factor of Human Capital Accumulation in Russia

2.4.2 Migration Flows and Strategic Directions of Russia’s Migration Policy