Human Capital Multidisciplinary Research Center

1. Social Science and Humanities Aspects of Human Capital

1.1 Social Structure and Wellbeing of Households in the Framework of Sustainable Development Indicators

The aim of the program is to develop advanced interdisciplinary research in the areas of social stratification, poverty and inequality in the context of human development, analysis of social inclusion and diversity management in Russian companies in the context of global challenges, impact assessment of technologies and human capital on long-term economic growth in the context of global slowdown, research on psychological factors of perception and maintenance of social inequality and analysis of societal values and attitudes development in the Russian Federation during the COVID-19 pandemic in a comparative perspective.

Research Projects

1.3 Personal Potential as a Predictor of Success and Well-being

The program aims to explore the role of personal potential in the subjective quality of life and psychological resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic threats.

Research Project

1.5 Human Biosocial Nature as a Resourse for Adaptation to Global Challenges

The program aims to develop an international system for assessing and managing biosafety in the scheme of measures for sustainable development of the Arctic.

Research Projects