Human Capital Multidisciplinary Research Center

3.3.1 Methodological Foundations for Measuring the Socio-economic Characteristics of Creative Industries and the Creative Class

Mikhail Gershman
Project Leader

Context of Research Project within a Subject of Human Capital

Developing and supporting creative industries have a great impact on the economy and society, including the identification and replication of ‘hidden innovations’ and business models, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and job creation, export diversification, increasing inclusiveness and quality of life by ensuring equal access of the population to cultural goods, as well as the growth of the quality of human potential by attracting talents and forming in-demand competencies.

Within the framework of the research project ‘Methodological Foundations for Measuring the Socio-economic Characteristics of Creative Industries and the Creative Class’, approaches to measuring the creative economy, assessing its scale, structure, dynamics of development of creative industries and creative class, their contribution to economic development and human potential development, as well as the problems of public administration and the development of effective policies supporting organizations and individuals working in this sector, are studied

Project Aim

Developing and testing theoretical and methodological approaches to measuring and evaluating key socio-economic characteristics of creative industries and the creative class at the national, regional and local levels on the example of Russia

Project Objectives:

  1. Developing and testing theoretical and methodological approaches to measuring and evaluating the creative economy
  2. Creating a methodological basis and conducting a comparative study of the creative potential of cities
  3. Forming a theoretical and empirical basis for the study of socio-economic characteristics of the creative class

Key Findings


A system of statistical classifications of creative industries has been developed. Based on it, a quantitative empirical analysis of the scale, structure and dynamics of the development of the creative economy in Russia and a comparative analysis with other countries (USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia) has been carried out, taking into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic


A comparative study of the creative potential of cities has been conducted, scientifically based recommendations have been developed and systematized for improving public policy in the field of support for creative industries at the city level for each of the creative industries, divided into financial and non-financial support measures

Educational Programs

Educational Modules at the English-language Master's Program Science, Technology and Innovation Management and Policy (Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation)


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